Which Is The Best Stand In Eden Gardens?

When cricket fans think of iconic stadiums, Eden Gardens is often one of the first that comes to mind during upcoming World Cup 2023. With its rich history and unforgettable cricketing moments, this stadium is synonymous with the sport’s heart and soul in India. Let’s take a closer look at its charm and identify the best stand at Eden Gardens.

Which Is The Best Stand In Eden Gardens?

A Glimpse into Eden Gardens’ Past

Established in 1864, Eden Gardens’ name origins remain shrouded in mystery. As India’s second-largest and the world’s third-largest cricket stadium, its legacy is unparalleled. Once the ‘Auckland Circus Gardens’, it took on the title ‘Eden Gardens’ in 1841.

Having witnessed numerous historic matches, from the first Test in 1934 between India and England to the 1996 World Cup Semi-Final, this ground has seen it all. Not just a stage for international fixtures, it also hosts domestic matches, and the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders call it home. Beyond cricket, the stadium has always evolved, with features like a bell added in 2016, signifying the beginning of matches.

The Stands that Stand Out

In 2017, a heartwarming gesture saw four stands named in honor of Indian Army martyrs, acknowledging their supreme sacrifice. The stands range from the Clubhouse tiers to the numerous blocks named after sponsors.

But the pressing question remains: Which Is The Best Stand In Eden Gardens?

While matches engage spectators from every angle, a straight-on view is often preferred. The L, L1, B, or B1 blocks are prime spots. Club House End’s Block F and Block B also promise a delightful perspective.

For those looking to spot celebrities, Block B is your go-to, while the thrill of possibly catching a six can be experienced from Block D, G, or H. Remember, the best view is subjective and might vary based on various factors.

Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata, Map, Seating Arrangement / Seating Chart

Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata, Map, Seating Arrangement / Seating Chart

Check out the Eden Gardens Stands below:

Column 1Column 2
Clubhouse upper tierClubhouse lower tier
L1 Block (Jio Pavilion)L Block (Jio Pavilion)
K1 Block (Jio Pavilion)K Block (Jio Pavilion)
J Block (Exide Pavilion)HI Block (Royal Stag Pavilion)
H Block (Royal Stag Pavilion)G1 Block (Greenply Pavilion)
F1 Block (Astral Pipes Pavilion)G Block (Greenply Pavilion)
E Block (Knight Riders Pavilion)D1 Block (Lux Cozi Pavilion)
D Block (Lux Cozi Pavilion)C1 Block (Nokia Pavilion)
C Block (Nokia Pavilion)B1 Block (Nokia Pavilion)
B Block (Nokia Pavilion)B Block Premium (Nokia Pavilion)

Securing Your Seat at Eden Gardens

Ticket prices oscillate between INR 400 and INR 7500, contingent on the nature of the match or tournament. To ensure you get the best seats, you can book tickets both online and in-person at the stadium.

In Conclusion

Eden Gardens isn’t just a stadium; it’s an emotion for countless cricket lovers. Whether you’re there to support your favorite team or soak in the rich history, choosing the right stand amplifies the experience. While views might vary, the spirit of cricket remains undeterred at this legendary venue.

When was Eden Gardens established?

Eden Gardens was established in 1864.

Which IPL team calls Eden Gardens its home?

Kolkata Knight Riders play their home matches at Eden Gardens.

What’s the significance of the bell at Eden Gardens?

The bell, added in 2016, is rung to signify the start of a day’s play for Test cricket and the onset of ODIs & T20Is.

How are the stands at Eden Gardens named?

In 2017, four stands were named in honor of Indian Army martyrs.

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