IPL 2021 Auction Date Time and Players List

After the successful completion of dream11 IPL 2021, it’s time for IPL mega Auction 2021. The 14th season of IPL 2021 auction is going to happen on 11 February 2021. The fans of IPL in India arise questions of “IPL 2021 auction kab ho ga,” so most probably the tentative date for IPL 2021 auction is finalized as 11 February 2021 by GC of IPL.

IPL 2021 Auction Date and Time

IPL 2021 Auction Date and Time

From media sources, the 2021 IPL auction is probably to be held on 11 February 2021. The deadline date for IPL’s eight franchises to submit the list of players released and retained is set to 21 January.

Below are possible date, time, and venue for ipl auction 2021.

IPL Auction 2021 Date and Time: 11 February at 3.30 PM IST

IPL Auction 2021  Venue: India

As per the BCCI announcement, two more teams will join the Indian Premier League family in 2022; the base price for new teams will be RS 15 Crore minimum.

How will IPL Auction Work?

There will be no mega auction for IPL 2021, but a mini-auction will be held on 11 February 2021. The mega auction will be held when two more team joins the family of IPL. All franchises are advised to submit a list of released and retained players before 22 January.

IPL 2021 Players Auction

As the last date of submission of the player’s list is mentioned, the ipl chairman said there would be no increase of purse for the ipl 2021 auction.

Mumbai Indians will retain most of its players; they may release a few players to increase their purse from RS 1.95 CR.

When will IPL 2021 Begin?

It is not yet decided, but most probably the April is a window for IPL 2021.

The tentative date for IPL 2021 Auction is?

The tentative date of the ipl 2021 auction is 11 February.

List of the channel to broadcast IPL 2021 auction live?

Start Sports Network will telecast IPL 2021 Auction Live.

Will you call IPL Auction Mini of mega Auction 2021?

The IPL auction for 2021 is finalized mini, so there will be no mega auction in 2021.

IPL auction 2021 remaining purse for eight ipl teams are

  • Chennai Super King RS 0.15 CR
  • King XIp Punjab RS 16.5 CR
  • Rajasthan Royal RS 14.75 CR
  • Sunrises Hyderabad RS 10.1 CR
  • Delhi capital RS 9.0CR
  • Kolkata Knight Rider RS 8.5 CR
  • Royall challenger Bangalore RS 6.4 CR
  • Mumbai Indian RS1.95 CR.

 Will IPl 2021 matches held in India?

BCCI has not confirmed it yet due to the pandemic situation, but they have more time to decide the venue for IPL 2021.

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