T20 World Cup Fastest Century

It is no mean feat to be able to score the fastest century in the T20 World Cup format in just one inning. There is a chance that those with the gift of timing, an aggressive mindset, and bigger muscles will be able to accomplish such an improbable feat. The chances of getting a strike are multiplied many times over as soon as you hit almost every ball out of the park.

Only eight centuries have been hit in seven T20 World Cups held so far, confirming how difficult it is to hit a century in the shortest version of the game. These statistics showcase just how difficult it is to hit a century in the shortest format.

5. Suresh Raina (100 off 59 balls)

Fastest Century in T20 World Cup

One of the greatest T20 batsmen India has ever produced is Suresh Raina, an Indian batsman regarded as one of the greatest of all time. The middle-order batsman of India sits fifth in the list of the world’s best batsmen. In the 2010 edition of the World Cup, Suresh scored a brilliant century against South Africa as a specialist in the Twenty20 format.

The century was scored in just 59 deliveries, of which nine were fours and five were sixes, which helped him reach the milestone.

During his time in the Indian Premier League, Raina has had a brilliant record. There are 193 games in which Raina has played and he has scored 5368 runs at an average of 33.3. In the richest T20 franchise tournament in the world, Raina has scored 38 half-centuries and one century.

4. Ahmed Shehzad (100 off 58 balls)

Fastest Century in T20 World Cup

Shehzad, who made his debut in 2009, is considered one of the cleanest strikers. He became the fourth fastest batsman ever to score a century in a T20 World Cup when he struck a century off just 58 balls during the 2014 edition of the tournament.

Pakistan’s batsman has so far played 81 one-day internationals and 59 Twenty20 internationals in his career. In 50-over format, he has compiled 2605 runs in the course of his career, averaging 32.6 runs per innings.

3. Brendon McCullum (100 off 51 balls)

Fastest Century in T20 World Cup

In a T20 World Cup, Brendon McCullum has recorded the third-fastest century. Brendon was one of the greatest cricketers New Zealand has ever produced, winning the 2012 World Cup after scoring a century off just 51 balls in the match against Bangladesh. He is regarded as one of the greatest cricketers New Zealand has ever produced. One of the best T20 knocks of all time, McCullum’s innings consisted of 11 fours and seven sixes, an amazing strike rate of 212.06, which made it one of the greatest knocks in the history of T20. The innings ended with him scoring 123 runs off 58 balls to help his team win by 59 runs at the end of the game.

2. Chris Gayle (100 off 50 balls)

Fastest Century in T20 World Cup

There is no doubt that the second-fastest century in T20 cricket belongs to the legendary West Indies team. During the first T20 World Cup that was held in 2007, Chris Gayle became the first player to strike a century in a T20 World Cup for the first time in the history of the tournament. In the first edition of the T20 World Cup, it was the only century that was scored in the contest.

There were 117 runs scored by the Southpaw in 57 deliveries with a strike rate of 205.26 as a result. During his pursuit of achieving this feat, he was able to strike seven fours and ten sixes. In just 50 balls, he was able to bring up his century.

1. Chris Gayle (100 off 47 balls)

Fastest Century in T20 World Cup

There is no doubt that the Universal boss is at the top of the chart for a good reason. There is no doubt that the Southpaw holds the record for hitting the fastest century in the history of the T20 World Cup. In the 2016 edition of the world cup, he was able to achieve this feat. It took Gayle just 48 deliveries to reach a century during the match against Bangladesh. A strike rate of 208.33 was recorded by Chris Gayle as he took as many as 11 sixes and five fours in his innings. As a result, Chris Gayle has scored two centuries in T20 World Cups, the first of which occurred against South Africa during the 2007 edition of the competition.

NameScoreBallsStrike RateAgainst
Chris Gayle10047208.33Bangladesh
Chris Gayle10050205.26South Africa
Brendon McCullum10051212.06Bangladesh
Ahmed Shehzad10058179.03Bangladesh
Suresh Raina10059160.33South Africa

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