How to Watch IPL 2022 in Canada Live

Wondering how to watch IPL in Canada? Cricket fans around the world, including those in Canada, are eagerly anticipating the beginning of the Indian Premier League in April. As usual, cricket fans around the world await this key sporting event with great enthusiasm.

It’s the biggest T20 cricket league in the world, after all, so you may be able to watch the IPL on various streaming services in Canada, but Hotstar provided by Disney+ is the official broadcaster, so you can trust that the service will broadcast all of the matches on time.

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How to Watch IPL 2022 in Canada Live

As a result of the COVID pandemic, the fans will not be able to watch their favorite stars perform live in the stadium. As was the case the previous year, IPL matches were broadcast on Star Sports network and Disney+ Hotstar.

Watch IPL in Canada Using Hotstar

If you are traveling outside India while the IPL is taking place and you intend on watching the matches, you are advised to use a VPN service to watch the games.

Watching the IPL from Canada is as simple as subscribing to Hotstar, the best streaming service for Indian sports. This is how it works.

It is entirely safe to use Hotstar to watch the IPL in Canada, and it is the best method of watching IPL matches. There are other services that also provide IPL live streaming in Canada. However, Hotstar is by far the best and most affordable service that you can choose from.

Also, when you use Hotstar, you get exclusive additional benefits that no other service will offer.

How to Subscribe to Hotstar in Canada to Watch IPL 2022 Live

To subscribe to Hotstar, follow the steps given below

  • To subscribe to Hotstar in Canada, go to or click on the Subscribe Now button.
  • Sign in with your Email ID by clicking on Sign In and entering your details.
  • Select the Annual subscription option and click on the “Start Subscription” button.
  • Please enter your payment information
  • Just below the credit card/debit card option, click ‘Have a promo code’ (green color text).
  • Click on the ‘Start Subscription’ button and enter the Hotstar Canada Promo Code :WIN40 to enjoy the unlimited flow of Indian content today. 
  • Subscribe to Hotstar-US today to watch IPL in Canada, and don’t forget to use Hotstar Canada Promo Code: WIN40 to get an instant 10% discount and an additional $105 gift card!!!

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What makes Hotstar the best choice for watching IPL in Canada over other options

  1. There is one advantage of watching IPL on Hotstar over any other platform because there are no commercial breaks between the matches. So there will be no more ads after every wicket or over.
  2. The new “watch with your friends” mode allows you to watch the matches and interact with your friends around the world.
  3. By listening to the commentary in eight different regional languages, you can get a real sense of what India is like. Siddhu paji’s comment “cha gaye guru” is only available on Hotstar.
  4. The app’s interface makes it easy for every user to use this app.

There are a number of additional benefits that you can receive by subscribing to Hotstar in Canada

Hopefully, it’s going to be better than ever this year. Watching the IPL in India is an unforgettable experience. This year, don’t miss out on this redeemed version of IPL.

Now that you can subscribe to some of the best streaming services in India, Hotstar is the one for you!!

Some additional benefits are-

  1. WIN40 gives you an instant 10% discount on Hotstar.
  2. You will receive a $50 Discover Credit voucher
  3. $20 DST gift certificate redeemable on orders of $50 or more.
  4. Additional $300 Hotel Gift Voucher
  5. Once you qualify for the Rakuten referral program, you will receive a $20 Rakuten referral promo and a $10 Amazon gift card.

How to watch IPL for free using Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar VIP lets you watch IPL for free. Well, not entirely.

A person only needs to sign up for Jio or Airtel as they offer a free year-long subscription to Disney+ Hotstar with various plans. It is only necessary to recharge the pack in order to be able to stream the entire IPL season for free. 

You should check out these plans if you are a Jio or Airtel user. These plans offer great value for money and are definitely worth checking out.

How to watch IPL in Canada?

Watch IPL in Canada with Hotstar today. It really is that simple. Please do not forget to use the Hotstar Canada Promo code: WIN40 to get super and extra discounts.

Is Hotstar legally available in Canada?

In Canada, Hotstar is 100% legitimate and safe to use. Visit to know more.

Can I watch IPL for free in Canada?

You cannot watch IPL for free anywhere. You have to subscribe to a streaming service. We recommend Hotstar since it is the best streaming service out there.

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